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Burnaby Underground Oil Tank Detection, Scanning & Location Services

Does you Burnaby property have an underground oil tank?

Although some signs that you have an underground oil storage tank may be more obvious. For example a fill pipe protruding from the ground, a vent pipe or copper feeder lines at the side of the house or a sunken area on your Burnaby property.

Other times where the underground oil storage tank is completely covered there may not be any visual signs. By scanning the surface of your property our professional Burnaby underground oil tank detection services help locate abandoned oil storage tanks that have been completely cover.

Burnaby underground oil tank scanning and detection process.

An Action Oil Tanks professional technician will scan your Burnaby property for the presence of an abandoned underground oil storage tank. If an underground oil tank has been located the size and orientation is determined by further scanning of the surrounding area.

In some cases underground oil storage tanks can be covered by a lawn, concrete walkways, patios, decks or driveways. The removal and re-installation of decks and walkways are common place when it comes to oil tank removal and are completed at the homeowner’s request.

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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal Video

Underground oil tanks and the potential environmental hazards and financial liabilities!

Are you thinking about purchasing a home in Burnaby or do you own a Burnaby property but are unsure if there is an buried underground oil storage tank? Burnaby home owners should be aware that they are responsible for the soil and water contaminated by their leaking storage tanks. Contaminated soil would need to be remediated by an authorized soil cleanup and disposal.

Soil remediation steps include: required soil testing, soil removal and proper disposal, working with a professional Engineer who can provide a certificate of compliance, and any other required reports. (There may be additional charges associated with these services.)

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Burnaby Underground Oil Tank Scanning & Oil Tank Locating Services

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Burnaby Underground Oil Tank Scanning & Oil Tank Locating Services

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