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Greater Vancouver oil storage tank detection, removal and remediation services explained!

Let’s have a closer look at our oil storage tank detection, removal and remediation process!

Action Oil Tanks will perform a tank search to homes in the Lower Mainland of BC to verify the presence of an oil tank. Our Technicians are fully trained and qualified Hazardous Materials experts. Upon finding an oil tank on the property we will explain the process necessary for removal of the tank and will offer a free quote on tank removal, and removal of all hazardous wastes associated with the tank. The contaminated soils are sent to a proper soil remediation centers and are not sent to landfills or used as fill!

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Schedule an underground storage tank scan.

Contact us to schedule a underground storage tank (UST) scan for your residential or commercial property.

Scanning your property for a underground storage tank

We will dispatch one of our trained oil tank removal technicians to complete a throughout scanning of your residential or commercial property for the presence of an underground oil storage tank.

Certification of a tank search.

Once the scan is completed and there is no sign of an underground storage tank we will provide a certification of our tank search.

We email our Tank Search certificates the same day, usually within a few hours.

Free oil storage tank removal estimate.

If an underground storage tank is found or you already know your property has a oil tank we can provide a free estimate for its safe removal and remediation.

Safe removal and remediation of your oil tank.

  • Action Oil Tanks will arrange all necessary permits, including any required inspections.

  • We will properly dispose of any hazardous waste, as well as the removal of the tank, and the cleanup of any debris.

  • After the removal of the old tank, we will back-fill the excavation with environmentally approved material.

  • Provide a written letter certifying that the tank removal was taken care properly.

Testing for and removal of contaminated soil.

If you have a tank that has leaked and contaminated the soil, authorized soil cleanup and disposal will be required.

  • We arrange for the required soil testing.

  • We arrange for a professional Engineer who can provide a certificate of compliance, and any other required reports. (There may be additional charges associated with these services.)

  • Action Oil Tanks will safely remove and properly dispose of any contaminated soil.

Professional Oil Tank Detection – Oil Tank Removal – Soil Remediation

Saving the planet one oil tank at a time!

Professional Oil Tank Detection – Oil Tank Removal – Soil Remediation

Saving the planet one oil tank at a time!

Thank you so much for your amazing work. You made a very difficult situation as painless – and mess-less – as possible.

Maureen & Alan Baylen

Thanks for your effort alone and explaining things in a very professional manner. We are pleased with the results and will definitely pass on your company’s name as a very competent and reliable service. Carry on the good work.

John Worsley

Thank you so much for you continued support. It is always so appreciated and I will continue to champion your company.

Leslie McDonnell, Property Sales Vancouver